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Online Trade Licensing Renewal Instructions

Instructions And Tips

These are instructions and tips on how to use the City of Chicago’s Online Trade Licensing Renewal System. After reading the following instructions, click on the link at bottom of page. Please do this after reading the following instructions as the system can be difficult to use.

  • Once you are on the Department of Buildings Homepage for Renewals web page, you will first be asked to “login to your account”. If you have not created an account please click on the blue link “New to the system Click here to get started”.
  • You will then be asked: “Are you a licensed individual or contractor….?”. Please click “Yes”.
  • You will then be asked to select your Contractor Type from a drop down box. Licensed Apprentice Plumbers, Journeyman Plumbers, or Plumbing Contractors should click on “Plumbing Contractor”.
  • You will then be asked to enter your License Number. You must enter the correct number and prefix. The following are the correct prefixes for each plumbing trade level:
Trade Prefix Description Don’t Use
Apprentice Plumbers A Apprentice PL
Journeyman Plumbers J Journeyman PL
Plumber Contractors BC Bonded Contractor PL

Journeyman Example: Don’t Use PL12345, use J12345.

  • You will then be asked for your Daytime Phone Number.
    PLEASE NOTE: The phone number you enter must exactly match the phone number in your existing trade license account information. If you enter in a phone number that is different from the previous number you gave to the Department, then the computer system will not be able to verify that you are currently licensed in our system and will not be able to complete your log-in or renewal.
  • You will then be allowed to create your own User Name and allowed to select a Security Question from a drop down box. The On-line renewal system will also automatically email you a Password for your use to access the renewal process.
    • The Password may contain letters and numbers. Some of the letters may be capitalized and some may be lowercase. Please note the Password is case sensitive. Example: “GB33mxDN42”. Please write down your User Name, Security Question and the Security Answer you create for the question as well as your Password. Please keep this information in your records for future reference should you wish to access your account.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If your password or user name are entered incorrectly and do not match what you were given (Password) or created (User Name), then you will be unable to log in or to correctly process your renewal.
  • If you are currently using AOL or COMCAST as your Internet email provider, you may experience difficulty or not be able to renew using the on-line trade licensing renewal system. Please, go online and use Yahoo, Google, Hotmail or Gmail or other free Internet account provider to renew your Electrical, Plumbing or Masonry Trade License.

After reading the instructions above, click on the link below to go to the City of Chicago’s Online Trade Licensing Renewal System.

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